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About Us

Efficient transport by sea is an important mode of transportation, particularly for a country like India with an outlet to the sea. Indian Merchant Navy comprises of Passenger Ships, Cargo Liners, Tankers, Ore-Carriers and other types of specialised ships. These Ships are operated by public and private sector shipping companies and are manned by trained Marine Engineers, Navigators and Crew. Ocean-going merchant vessels are to be manned by competent seafarers who need to be specially trained. Various International Conventions have adopted resolutions to the effect that seafarers manning the merchant vessels must be fully trained for the challenges that this job at sea requires. In order to meet this challenge, the Success Marine Management And Consultancy Services, Sangli, has been established. Success Marine Management And Consultancy Services was formed on the 5th of December 1997 with the objective of imparting marine related training to seafarers and thereby achieves an overall improvement of the quality of seafarers. The stricter imposition of various regulations by marine organizations like IMO, Flag State administration etc., requires that seafarers are well trained to achieve their goals. Its purpose is to set up this training center with an aim to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of seafarers. In the fast changing world of shipping, the spirit of mutual learning between the trainees and trainer is encouraged and this keeps all parties abreast of the latest management and technical innovation. The center has state of the art teaching aids and practical demonstration equipment, which meets the latest requirement of training. The center has an up to date fully air conditioned Library with Internet facility. Quality System Certification ISO 9001:2015 is in place from ABS Industrial Verification Inc.

Quality Objective

The overriding philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM) is the main objective of our marine institute , which imparts quality training to seafarers.

  • Success Marine Management And Consultancy Services seeks to enhance the knowledge and skill of the trainees through a conducive and well-tailored learning environment to meet the needs of the Industry
  • Success Marine Management And Consultancy Services will keep abreast of the current market and industry trends and endeavours to provide new courses after reviewing the demand for such courses or discontinuing courses
  • Success Marine Management And Consultancy Services ensures that faculty members are upgraded in line with current requirements utilizing all available media such as the Internet, periodicals and magazines. The faculty members periodically undergo training (refresher / new courses) as required and whenever applicable.